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52 Bell Street
CM21 9AN
United Kingdom

Tel: 01279 722554
Fax: 01279 600766

Shots and Shooters – £2.40


Blue Smartie – tastes just like the real thing
Grab My Coconuts – for the cheeky monkeys, rum based with pineapple
Jaffa Cake – a staff favourite, try it and see why!
Cinnamon Cowboy – butterscotch, baileys, dusted with cinnamon
5th Avenue – créme de cacao, apricot brandy and cream
B52 – the classic layered shooter, kahlua, baileys, cointreau
Pink Nipple – grenadine, chambord and baileys
Slippery Nipple – grenadine, sambuca and baileys
Quick Shag – kahlua, midori and baileys
Screaming Orgasm – vodka, kahlua, baileys and amaretto
Jam Donut – butterscotch, baileys and chambord
Fuzzy smurf – Blue curacao and apricot brandy
Banana Split – vodka, kahlua, créme de cacao, banana and baileys
Springbok – créme de menthe and baileys
Squashed Frog – grenadine, midori, baileys


Passion Kick – passoa passionfruit, vodka, peach schnapps
Candy Jack – Jack Daniels, peach schnapps and a sugared orange
Cherricot – apricot brandy, cherry brandy, and triple sec
G Spot – chambord and chilled vodka
Screaming Lizard – tequila and chartreuse
Soul Shooter – dark rum and frangelico
Pepperita – tequila, lemon juice, Tabasco, shaken with salt lined glass
Flat Liner – sambucca, tequila, Tabasco
Raging Bull – kahlua, sambucca, tequila
Blue Flaming Nun – flaming chartreuse, blue curacao and Galliano